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Penny Farthing Inn

About The Inn

The Penny Farthing Inn is a charming Victorian bed and breakfast built in 1893 and is located in the heart of St Augustine’s historical district.

Recapture the elegance and romance of that wonderful Era.

PARKING is on-site with enough spots for one parking spot per room, if possible a smaller vehicle is preferred. Thank you

Due to the historic nature of the home, it is not economically feasible or possible to provide wheelchair ramps since such ramps would extend out into the roadway, therefore accessibility by wheelchair ramp is not available.

Penny Farthing Inn

Relax in a Quiet location in the heart of St Augustine

The Penny Farthing Inn is located on a quiet, tree-lined street in the heart of St Augustine. Our emphasis is on hospitality, comfort, and comfortable surroundings.

Come and enjoy the Inn's many porches and balconies and relax in our parlor by the fireplace while listening to classical music and sipping a glass wine or cream sherry.

Begin your day with a Gourmet Breakfast

Enjoy every morning a gourmet breakfast served either inside our main dining room or outdoors seated at bistro tables located on our porch.

We offer an elegant setting of china and lace where you can enjoy dining simply alone or in the company of other guests, where one can discuss the events and history of this old town.

Penny Farthing Inn
Penny Farthing Inn

End your day with an afternoon Happy Hour

Finish off everyday with snacks and wines served in our beautiful dining area from 4-5.